Accommodation / price list

Luxurious rooms equiped with audio/video devices and access to the Internet.
Every rooms with a bathroom.
Silence and peace .
Free parking lot.

Object adapted for disabled persons inwa



We are setting the cost of the accommodation individually with our customers over the phone or by e-mail.

For organised groups there is a possibility of negotiation of prices.

Accommodation in a single room: from PLN 50 to PLN 80 per day.

Accommodation in a double room:PLN 80 to PLN 100 per day.

Breakfasts in the form of Swedish table in the price of PLN 20.

The price of the accomodations is different and depending on the lenght and date of the stay.

The hotel day starts at 15:00, and finishes at about 11:00 the next day, a payment of PLN 10 is being charged for every additional hour after earlier agreeing with the service.

Payment for a dog  is PLN 10 / day.

Week’s rest:

A week’s stay with 4 meals per day and three integration events costs PLN 820 to PLN 900 per person, it starts on Sunday 15:00 and ends on Sunday 10:00.

The cost of a week’s stay for parents with 1 child of up to 8 years old (2+1) is PLN 1 400.

The cost of a week’s stay for 2 + one child of up to 8 years old, stay with a baby-sitter and/or English lessons is PLN 1 800.

Seniors and pensioners with spouses, and persons 50 + can take advantage of partial refundi in the amount from PLN 200 to PLN 400.

Cost of a partially refunded week’s stay is PLN 420 to PLN 700 per person, depending on the date.

Firefighters and their spouses  can take advantage of partial refund in the amount from PLN 200 to PLN 400.

The cost of the partially refunded rest is PLN 420 to PLN 700/person depending on the date. Spouses of firefighters can use a partial funding of PLN 200.

There is a possibility of transportation from the hotel – up to 100 km free of charge, on condition that the transportation is regarding 4 persons. The return trip for 4 persons is PLN 100.

If the transportation (up to 100 km) concerns less than 4 people, the cost is PLN 150.

Organized groups are transported to the hotel (up to 100 km) free of charge, after setting the details of the transportation.

For making a payment for booking of accommodationand transfer we are granting a 5% discount behind accommodation.

You can you also  take advantage of discounts given by our Partners listed on our subpage.

Discounts cannot be linked with partial funding or other discounts, as well as with discount coupons.

We are setting the cost of rest and accommodation individually over the phone with every client.