Holiday with refund

The price for a week’s stay with partial refund is PLN 420 to 700.

Our older guests, pensioners and persons 50 + , and also Professional  and Volunteer Firefighters can take advantage of a partial refund in the amount of PLN 400 to 800 for two persons. For details see our price list.

A week’s rest with partial refund lasts from Sunday 15:00 to Sunday 10:00.

The rooms are equiped with audio/video devices and with access to the Internet, and have full sanitary installations.

The board during the stay consists of 5 meals served in the following hours:

– 8.30 – breakfast – “Swedish table”, composed among others of milk and oatmeal, hard and molten cheese, cottage cheese or cheese paste, set of home-made cold meats, traditional and toast bread, eggs, jellies, herring, tomatoes, cucumbers, pâtés, honey, jam, etc.
– 11.00 –  coffee or tea,  cake or ice-cream.
– 14.00 – soup with bread.
– 17.00 – main course
– dessert.

The food is unlimited, you can eat as much as you want.

Each  Guests is taking the amount of food that he is able to eat.  Also, there is a refrigerator at our Guests’ disposal. We take into account the fact that part of Guests has to take medicine before meals. For Guests taking trips we have meals served at 17:00.